National unity amid global integration

(VOVWORLD) - The Vietnam Fatherland Front celebrates its 90th anniversary on Wednesday. The Front has been a center for marshaling Vietnam’s great national unity, the foundation for achieving revolutionary goals like global integration. 
National unity amid global integration - ảnh 1A festival of all ethnic groups (File photo)

The Communist Party of Vietnam sees great national unity as the driving force of Vietnam’s revolutions and the base for national construction and defense. National unity is the goal of all activities of the Vietnam Fatherland Front, a foundational political alliance of the Vietnamese people.

Great national unity in global integration

Global integration has been a major trend of modern world history and is central to Vietnam’s strategic policy.

Once a country constrained by sanctions, Vietnam has moved forward to establish diplomatic ties with 189 out of 193 UN member countries, and forge a network of 30 strategic and comprehensive partners, including all the most developed countries, 17 out of 20 G 20 members, and all 9 other ASEAN countries.  

Once a closed, subsidized economy, Vietnam is today an important member of 16 free trade agreements, including the CPTPP and EVFTA, and is partnered with 65 global economic centers.

Vietnam has actively participated in and proposed initiatives to regional and global groups. It has worked with other countries to shape new mechanisms, rules, and fair, democratic international relations.

The Vietnam Fatherland Front has played an important part in Vietnam’s global integration by rallying forces, mobilizing domestic support, and enlisting international support.

President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Tran Thanh Man said, “Vietnam Fatherland Front branches encourage public compliance with Party guidelines and State policies. The Front’s emulation movements always draw a strong response from the public. Its people exchange activities reinforce unity, friendship, and cooperation between Vietnam and other countries.”

National unity amid global integration - ảnh 2 Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong at the commemoration of the Vietnam Fatherland Front’s 90th anniversary on Nov 18, 2020.

Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong addressed the commemoration of the Front’s 90th anniversary on Wednesday. He said, “The Vietnam Fatherland Front’s people diplomacy activities have reinforced Vietnam’s policy of independence, self-reliance, multilateralization, diversification, and being a friend, reliable partner, and active member of the international community. The Front’s activities have helped elevate Vietnam’s status and prestige internationally. ”

Great national unity in the new situation

Amid threatening changes in global security and politics, conflicts between countries, and disputes over borders, seas, and islands, Vietnam needs to mobilize unity and consensus to over challenges and develop the country. The Vietnam Fatherland Front will continue its mission of mobilizing national unity for the common cause.  

Tran Thanh Man said, “The Vietnam Fatherland Front at all levels must renew its activities to renew the determination of Vietnamese people here and abroad. With great national unity, I’m sure Vietnam will overcome all obstacles on the road to its goal of “rich people, strong nation, democracy, equality, civilization.”

For 9 decades the Vietnam Fatherland Front has been a symbol of national unity. Under the Vietnam Fatherland Front, social solidarity and consensus are multiplied to sustain Vietnam’s national development and global integration.

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