New Year 2018 saluted

(VOVWORLD) - Welcoming the New Year 2018, member of the Party Central Committee and VOV President Nguyen The Ky wrote an article about Vietnam’s efforts to obtain social, economic, political, and cultural achievements in 2017. The accomplishments have generated a powerful momentum for realizing Vietnam’s motto of “Aspiration, renovation, innovation, dedication, accountability, and success.” VOV brings you the gist of President Ky’s article.
New Year 2018 saluted - ảnh 1 VOV President Nguyen The Ky

Vietnam experienced unprecedented extreme weather events in 2017: landslide and flash floods in the northwest region and destructive typhoons from north to south. Natural disasters took the lives of 380 people. Countless homes, public structures, roads, power plants and crops were severely damaged.    

The world saw major political, social, and security developments in many countries and territories, including US President Donald Trump’s “America First” policy direction and China’s ambition to become a "great modern socialist country" by the mid-21st century.

Achievements in many areas

Vietnam has recorded major advances in many sectors. Vietnam successfully hosted APEC Year 2017, including APEC Economic Leaders’ Week in Da Nang in November. As host, Vietnam coordinated all activities and proposed initiatives to elevate APEC’s position internationally and Vietnam’s status and prestige in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The Communist Party of Vietnam has reformed its management with wise and bold resolutions to institutionalize a Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress on fine-tuning the socialist-oriented market economy, restructuring and renovating state-owned enterprises, promoting the private economic sector into a driving force of the economy, streamlining the administrative apparatus toward efficiency and practicality, and enhancing public healthcare protection.

The Party and State have maintained a resolute political determination to fight corruption, self-evolution, and self-transformation. Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong’s saying “A blazing hearth will burn wet wood”, has become a directive against corruption and negative phenomena.

Economically, Vietnam fulfilled and exceeded all 13 goals set by the National Assembly. GDP growth was 6.81% and Vietnam’s Competitiveness Index and Ease of Doing Business Index improved. Foreign direct investment, imports, and exports all achieved good results. Vietnam’s foreign currency reserve reached 51.5 billion USD. More than 13 million foreign visitors came to Vietnam.

Vietnam successfully organized important cultural and social events, including the 70th anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day, the 100th anniversary of the Russian October Revolution, the 45th anniversary of the “Hanoi-Dien Bien Phu in the Air” victory, and the Friendship Year of Vietnam and Laos and of Vietnam and Cambodia.

UNESCO officially acknowledged Bai Choi and Xoan singing as Intangible Cultural Heritages of Humanity.

Unity and determination to advance

Associate Professor Doctor Nguyen The Ky wrote that to steer the country forward strongly and comprehensively is a difficult task. Party building and preventing political, moral, and lifestyle deterioration should be pursued more vigorously. National construction and defense require stronger patriotism, independence, freedom, self-determination, self-reliance, and creativity.

Mr. Ky wrote that Vietnam has built important basis of socialism. It’s necessary to have a strong belief and iron will in fighting internal enemy, corruption, and political, moral, and lifestyle deterioration. He calls on Vietnamese people to unite to confidently, wisely advance forward together for a prosperous people, strong nation, democracy, equality, and civilization.

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