Opinions collected to finalize documents of National Party Congress

(VOVWORLD) - The Communist Party of Vietnam is collecting opinions of Party members and the public to finalize draft documents of the upcoming National Party Congress. This is an important task to promote democracy and the creativity of the Party and people in building guidelines and strategies for national development. Hostile forces try to use this process to introduce false information about the political regime, the Party leadership, personnel work, and Party Congress issues, but their distortions cannot obscure the democracy of Party activities.

The collection of Party member and the public opinions on draft documents of the Party has been an essential step in creating documents for National Party Congresses in past tenures. Draft documents are made available on mass media to enable the public to read them and contribute opinions and comments. The Sub-Committee of Party Documents will compile those contributions and fine-tune the documents then submit them to the Party Central Committee for final approval before they are presented to the Congress. The collection of opinions shows that the Party relies on the public in mapping out Party strategies, Party platforms, and national development strategies.

Draft documents of the 13th National Party Congress have been revised 17 times with contributions from the entire Party, army and people. Millions of Party officials and members working in various fields have contributed ideas for boosting national development. The documents reflect the consensus of the entire Party, army, and people in developing national development guidelines. Studying Party documents in order to contribute opinions helps Party members and the public understand the Party guidelines and makes Party resolutions and documents widely known among the public.

Democratic concentration is an unchangeable principle of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Democracy is a condition for the existence and growth of the Party. The Communist Party of Vietnam’s motto is “ensuring national independence and freedom and people’s prosperity and happiness”. The Party depends on the people to develop and work out guidelines for national development and the improvement of people’s living conditions. All this is reflected in the Party platforms and guidelines and in the political and social life of Vietnam. Distortions of democracy within the Party are unconvincing.