Party Committees at central level wrap up congresses

(VOVWORLD) - All Party Committees of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam have successfully concluded their Congresses for the 2020-2025 tenure. The congresses were held in a democratic and open manner with delegates upholding their rights and responsibilities in electing competent personnel and drafting practical resolutions for the next tenure.
Party Committees at central level wrap up congresses - ảnh 1The 17th Congress of the Quang Binh provincial Party Committee.

Experts in Party building, Party members and the public all praised the success of the Party Congresses which were held in accordance with the Party rules and the Political Bureau’s Directive 35 on organizing Party Congresses at all levels toward the National Party Congress. Major issues including Party documents and personnel work were thoroughly discussed at the Congress. Documents of provincial and municipal Party Congresses integrate lower-level issues. The Happiness Index was included in the Resolution of the Yen Bai provincial Party Committee and high-tech agriculture identified as the focus of Gia Lai province. Can Tho city aims to become the primary urban area of the Mekong River Delta. Each Party Committee has identified 2 to 3 breakthroughs for local development in the next 5 to 10 years with a long-term vision.

Professor Doctor Phan Xuan Son of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, said: "Party Committees have thoroughly studied the local situation and gathered opinions from the public and organizations for inclusion in Party documents. The draft documents should reflect the specifics of each locality and be accurate and feasible."

Party Committees at central level wrap up congresses - ảnh 2

In some localities, the Party Committee shortened the duration of the Congress to carry out disaster preparedness without abandoning the Congress’s agenda.

Associate Professor Doctor Nguyen Minh Tuan of the Party Building Institute of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics said: "Congress participants have upheld a sense of responsibility in improving Party documents. All the Party Committees have ensured democracy, objectivity, quality and structure in Party Committees for the next tenure."

The Party Committees have focused closely on Party building. The percentage of voting for key leaders is high. In the Party Committees at central level, there are 9 women, accounting for 13.85% and 28 Party Secretaries under 50, accounting for 43%. 27 provincial Party Secretaries are non-locals, 22 provincial Party Secretaries are elected for the first time, 41 re-elected, 29 are members of the 12th Party Central Committee, and 12 are alternate members of the 12th Party Central Committee.

Doctor Phan Xuan Son said: "There are several changes in the personnel of Party Committees. Many Party officials of the 1960s and 1970s generations are doctors and professors. The number of female and ethnic minority Party officials has increased. 22 provincial Party Secretaries are non-locals. These are positive results."

Party Committees at central level wrap up congresses - ảnh 3Thai Nguyen provincial Party Secretary Nguyen Thanh Hai (C) and other members of the provincial Party Commitee for the 2020-2025 tenure.  

The effectiveness of the Party guidelines on personnel work is reflected in the selection of young officials to the Party Committees, the selection of provincial Party Secretaries under 50, and 22 officials rotated from the Party Central Committee.

Bui Thi An, a former NA deputy said: "The outcomes of municipal and provincial Party Committees reflect the quality of Party Committee members. The percentage of female members is higher, and many of them are young. This shows that women have advanced themselves and that Party personnel policies are working."

The success of Party Congresses has been due to effective direction by the Party Central Committee and Party Central Secretariat, and strong determination on the part of local Party Committees. Publication of guidelines and other documents has made the organization of the Congress easier. The Party Politburo’s criteria for delegates at the 13th Party Congress has helped in the selection and election of Party Committees. The smooth organization of municipal and provincial Party Committees set the stage for the 13th National Party Congress which has upheld the motto “Solidarity, Democracy, Discipline, Creativity, and Development. “