Party resolution- a breakthrough in Party building

(VOVworld) The resolution of the 4th plenum of the 11th Party’s Central Committee on urgent issues in Party building and the Political Bureau’s instructions on the resolution’s implementation have been well received by the public. Le Phuoc Tho, former Politburo member and Head of the Central Committee’s Organization Commission says these documents reflect a breakthrough in the current Party-building work.

Party resolution- a breakthrough in Party building - ảnh 1
Conference on implementing the resolution of the 4th Party plenum

Mr. Tho says the Communist Party of Vietnam has over the years issued several guidelines and resolutions on Party building enhancing the Party’s morale and prestige, strengthening the public’s trust in the Party and consolidating Party members’ capacity, morality and lifestyle. But a few Party members have shown signs of morality laxity that affects the Party’s credibility. According to Mr. Tho, it’s important to clarity responsibility and the role of leaders at all levels in order to create a breakthrough in Party building. "Party principles promote collective leadership and individual responsibility, but the leaders play a crucial role. A leader must be capable, intelligent and open to innovation and change. The 11th Party Congress created a change prescribing the right remedy for strengthening the Party. The Political Bureau led by the Party General Secretary have showed a strong determination to create a breakthrough", said Mr. Tho.

According to Mr. Tho, to fulfill the resolution of the 4th Party Plenum, it’s necessary to prevent the degradation of morality and lifestyle of Party members through honest criticism and self criticism. Key leaders of Party Committees and each Party member must review and criticize their own performance. Party statutes should be strictly implemented and Party ideology should be maintained. In addition, it’s necessary to bring into play the strength of the whole political system and the oversight role of the public and Party cells to build a stronger Party. "The Party resolution stresses that Party building must be based on the people. The public should be familiar with members of the Political bureau, the Secretariat and each Party member. The Party needs to disseminate information about Party building to the public so they can contribute their opinions", said Mr. Tho.

Mr. Tho emphasized the importance of enhancing the public’s oversight role in Party building to strengthen the Party’s organizations and improve its capacity and morale. He stresed the need to change personnel planning and training and it’s more important to promote democracy and transparency.

Thu Hoa- Huu Trai (Can Tho Regional Bureau)