Party’s strategic view reflects national aspiration for development

(VOVWORLD) - In an article titled “Making preparations for and successfully organizing the 13th National Party Congress to bring the country into a new development period”, Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong outlines, comprehensively and in depth, views and guidelines of the Party Central Committee, Party Politburo, Party Secretariat, and Party and State leaders on tasks of the upcoming Party Congress.
Party’s strategic view reflects national aspiration for development - ảnh 1 Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong (Photo: VGP)

Mr. Trong predicts that in the coming years, the world and the region will see rapid, unexpected changes which will seriously threaten the stability and development of the world, the region, and Vietnam.

Strategic view on rapid, sustainable growth

Mr. Trong says the Party, people, and army of Vietnam are committed to the creative application of Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh thought, the goal of national independence and socialism, and the Party’s renewal guidelines on national construction and defense. He said these things are vital to the regime and to the Communist Party of Vietnam, and they require a balancing of persistence and renewal. Persistence must be associated with creativity while creativity must be persistent to reality and the goals of renovation, integration, and national development.

Trong said Vietnam’s master development strategy is to ensure rapid, sustainable development, close connectivity, and coordinated implementation of tasks, with economic growth being the central task, Party building another key task, cultural development the spiritual foundation of society, and ensuring national defense and security a never-ending task. Motivation and resources for national development in the new period are patriotism, national self-reliance, and the combined strength of the political system and Vietnamese culture and people.

Mr. Trong said the decisive factors for national development and defense are to strengthen Party building and rectification, improve Party leadership, empower the fighting spirit of the Party, build a pure, strong, and effective State and political system, improve the capacity and prestige of Party officials and members and strategic cadres, and enhance close relations with the people.

Vietnam aims to become a socialist-oriented developed country

In order to promote the strength of national unity, Mr. Trong said, Party Congresses need to look toward the middle of the 21st century to make Vietnam a socialist-oriented developed country and set out specific goals and tasks for each period to continue the building of socialism in Vietnam.

On the basis of ensuring scientifically feasible and practical features and referring to the development experience of other countries around the world, Party Congress documents need to identify specific goals toward major development milestones. By 2025, Vietnam intends to become a developing country with modern industry and middle income status. By 2030, Vietnam expects to be a developing country with modern industry and  high-middle income. By 2045, Vietnam hopes to be a developed country with high income.

Specific solutions

Party and State Leader Nguyen Phu Trong mentions 5 major solutions to national development and defense in the new period. First, to continue to reform the Vietnamese mindset; build institutions for sustainable economic, political, cultural, and social development and environmental protection; mobilize all potentials and resources; and create motivation for rapid, sustainable national development. Second, to drastically reform the growth model; restructure the economy; strengthen industrialization and modernization; and increase productivity and national competitiveness. Third, to enhance social development management; harmonize interests in society; effectively manage relations between the practice of democracy and legal enforcement enhancement; and ensure social equality and progress. Fourth, to creatively and effectively boost external relations activities; build a modern diplomacy for national interests; center on the people and enterprises; and enhance extensive and comprehensive integration. Fifth, to strengthen Party building and rectification, and develop a strong, effective State and political system.

Prior to the 13th National Party Congress, Party leader and President Nguyen Phu Trong called on the Party, people, and army to stay united and join efforts to prepare for and successfully organize the Party Congress to bring Vietnam into a new development period with the goals of becoming a rich, strong, democratic, just, and civilized country, and realizing President Ho Chi Minh’s testament and the people’s aspirations.