Personnel affairs crucial for National Party Congress’s success

(VOVWORLD) - Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong, has written an article highlighting the profound importance of personnel preparation for the success of the 13thNational Party Congress scheduled for next year. Mr. Trong,  who is Head of the Personnel Sub-Committee of the Congress, analyzes critical personnel affairs issues. 
Personnel affairs crucial for National Party Congress’s success - ảnh 1

Mr. Trong said the upcoming Congress will mark an important milestone in mapping out future orientations for Vietnam and encourage the entire Party, army and people to comprehensively and synchronously strengthen national renewal in order to develop the country in a fast and sustainable manner. He said this is also the transitional period of the Party’s personnel.

Requirements of personnel work

Mr. Trong underlined the importance of defining requirements to build the Party Central Committee whose nucleus is the Party Politburo. The next Party Central Committee must be a truly united, pure, and strong organization with high unanimity in both thought and action, strong political firmness, taintless morality, persistence in the goal of national independence and socialism. It should have a strategic vision, wisdom, an innovative and creative mindset, a close bond with the people, strong discipline, and sufficient prestige and capability to lead the country in the new stage of development, according Mr. Trong.

It’s essential to ensure stability, reform, and continuous development of the Party Central Committee. Personnel work must be implemented in line with regulations and principles of promoting responsibility, democracy, transparency, and objectivity in assessment and selection. Mr. Trong stressed that members of the 13th Party Central Committee must represent the Party’s political mettle, morality, and work capability and be absolutely loyal to Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh Thought, the Party Platform and Guidelines, Constitution, and national interests. They must have a strong fighting spirit, set an example in complying with Party principles and discipline and State law, dare to think, to talk, to do, and to take responsibility, ensure that words are followed up with action, strengthen bonds with the people, and stay strong against difficulties and challenges and resolute in action. They must have pure morality and lifestyle and be aware of the importance of maintaining unity within the Party, be the vanguard in carrying out all duties assigned by the Party, and obey the Party’s principles and discipline, especially the principles of democratic consensus, criticism and self-criticism, righteousness and equality in evaluating and using personnel.


In his article, Mr. Trong noted that the personnel preparation for the 13th National Party Congress is the task not only of the Personnel Sub-Committee, the Politburo, the Party Central Committee and its Secretariat, but also of the entire political system, Party organizations, agencies, units, and localities.

Personnel work must be done well at lower level Party congresses in order to make the best personnel preparations for the 13th National Party Congress, he said, noting that relevant organizations and agencies, including the Politburo and the Party Central Committee, must prepare thoroughly and understand that it is a key task vital to the regime and to the development of the country. Mr. Trong urged every agency, locality, and cadre involved in personnel preparation to be fully aware of their responsibility and make their top priority the interest of the Party, the country, and the people.

In conclusion, Mr. Trong reiterated that the Party’s goal and responsibility is to build a strong Central Committee, a strong, united Politburo capable of handling the heavy responsibility of leading the country to fulfill its mission and political tasks, encourage the entire Party, army and people to overcome difficulties, build a strong and pure Vietnamese Communist Party, a prosperous Vietnam, and a wealthy Vietnamese people.