Silent warriors fighting COVID-19

(VOVWORLD) - During the past month, Da Nang city has been scrambling to contain the spread of COVID-19. Joining efforts with doctors on the frontline of the epidemic are local authorities, health care staff, and police, who are helping to trace and quarantine everyone who has been exposed to the virus. They are silent warriors in the battle to defeat COVID-19.
Silent warriors fighting COVID-19 - ảnh 1

Since the latest breakout, Dang Thu Ha and her colleagues at the Hoa Minh communal health station in Da Nang city have been tirelessly tracing contacts of people infected with the virus. During many tense, sleepless days and nights Ha has fainted and at times has required a respirator and an IV drip. But as soon as she recovered, Ha continued her work.

"We have to be ready to go when the ambulance comes. Every morning, we go to check the temperature of quarantined people, closely monitor COVID-19 patients, call people in for tests, and transfer those who have had close contacts with the confirmed patients to quarantine facilities. As soon as an infection case is confirmed, we have to perform all these required procedures," said Ha.

Doctor Vo Van Ty, Head of the HIV/AIDS and Disease Control Department of the Cam Le Health Station, said epidemiological investigation of confirmed or suspected carriers of the disease is the hardest. All epidemiological traces need to be collected. The medical staff has to work day and night, 20 hours a day, collecting samples and analyzing epidemiological factors.

"It’s difficult to detect positive cases and trace people in close contact with the positive cases in the community. We have to work day and night. The health care center is locked down and our staff has to support 3 health clinics with people under quarantine." said Ty.

Caring for the thousands of people under quarantine in dormitories and schools is a big job. Phan Trinh, Head of Lien Chieu district’s Health Care Section, said the district has 2 dormitories housing more than 1,300 quarantined people. Doctors, nurses and support staff must self-quarantine in hotels. They are working double or even triple shifts.

Despite the hardships, everyone is united in their effort to contain the disease and resume normal life as soon as possible.