Soldiers protect fishermen at sea

(VOVWORLD) - Naval soldiers have been companions to fishermen who sail to sea. Their bond is important to defending national waters and islands.

Soldiers protect fishermen at sea  - ảnh 1An officer of Naval Region 1 Command gives the national flag and a gift to fishermen

(Photo: VOV)

During the rough maritime season at the year’s end, the fishermen of Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong city, have equipped their boats with fishing gear, first aid kits, lifejackets, and flags donated to them by the officers and soldiers of Navy Region 1.

Ms. Vu Thi Thuy of So 1 village, Phuc Le commune, said her family's boat often goes fishing in the Gulf of Tonkin. In the middle of the distant sea, just seeing a Navy ship and its white uniformed crew makes fishermen feel more secure. When they run out of fresh water, food, or fuel, or when their boat is in distress, they all receive the help of the Naval soldiers.

“The Naval Region 1 Command takes good care of fishermen like us. When we set sail, we are given advice, lifejackets, and medicine. They always come to give us instructions, encouragement, and gifts,” Thuy said.

Soldiers protect fishermen at sea  - ảnh 2Officers visit and present gifts to fishermen on their ship (Photo:VOV)

The forces of Naval Region 1 regularly organize talks and disseminate information to fishermen on the 2012 Law of the Sea of Vietnam, the 2017 Law on Fisheries, and the Prime Minister’s Directive on “Urgent tasks and solutions to overcome the warning of the European Commission about illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing.”  This has raise fishermen’s awareness of the importance of the sea and islands and legal exploitation of sea resources.

Lieutenant Colonel Pham Hong Quang, Deputy Political Commissar of Naval Brigade 126, said that officers and soldiers have explained to fishermen where they are allowed to catch fish and have distributed leaflets entitled "Things fishermen need to know."

He said, “We have assigned our force the task of disseminating information so that fishermen will catch fish in the right area without infringing foreign waters. Stationed in Bach Long Vy waters, our officers and soldiers have coordinated with the island district authority, organized cultural performances, and provided medical examinations and treatment. The locals trust us.”

The Naval Region 1 Command and localities will continue to work closely together under the motto "widespread, effective, realistic, close to the targets" to protect Vietnam’s sea and island sovereignty, political stability, and marine development.

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