Students nationwide back to school following COVID-19 break

(VOVWORLD) - On Monday, students across Vietnam returned to school after a long COVID-19 break. A number of precautionary measures are still in place to prevent the epidemic.
Students nationwide back to school following COVID-19 break - ảnh 1

The Ministry of Education and Training has issued 15 criteria to ensure COVID-19 safety in schools, from infrastructure, facilities, food safety, hygiene precautions, to special support for the disabled. Ha Huu Thach, Rector of Le Quy Don High School in HCM city, said: “We have asked parents to remind their children to follow disease prevention guidelines. We have also distributed posters and produced slides on disease prevention.”

Most local schools took advantage of the recent National Reunification Day and May Day holiday to disinfect classrooms and campuses, stockpile face masks for students, and install extra basins for handwashing. Many schools placed desks farther apart or divided large classes into smaller ones.

The Hanoi Department of Education and Training has instructed that windows and doors in classrooms should remain open, and a safe distance should be maintained between students during lessons and breaks. Pham Xuan Tien, Deputy Director of the Department, said: “Break times for classes will alternate. Teachers and school staff will monitor students and prevent them from gathering in large groups before and after school.”

A number of schools have altered class schedules and will continue to provide lessons via the internet and television.

Quang Binh province asked schools to disinfect classrooms, campuses, and teaching equipment, and provided each school with clean water, soap, and sanitizer.

Many schools in Thua Thien Hue province have prepared an isolation room.

Nearly 800 schools and other educational establishments in Quang Ngai province have been disinfected. They have revised their curriculum, divided classes, and rearranged desks to ensure a safe distance between students.

The current school year is scheduled to end on July 15, one and a half months later than usual.

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