Unity, consensus to fight COVID-19

(VOVWORLD) - Last Thursday General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong delivered an appeal to all Vietnamese people at home and abroad to step up COVID-19 prevention and control efforts. He called on the Party and the people to embrace the Vietnamese tradition of mutual support and national unity to generate the strength and confidence needed to defeat the pandemic.
Unity, consensus to fight COVID-19 - ảnh 1Doctors and medical workers show determination to treat COVID-19 patients. (photo: Nhan Dan newspaper)

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people’s lives and the nation’s socio-economic development. Vietnam’s political system and people must mobilize all their resources and work together to contain this destructive pandemic.

Party leader Trong said: “In the spirit of “fighting the pandemic like fighting an enemy” and making the protection of health and human life our primary task, on behalf of the Party and State, I earnestly call on the Party, the army, and all Vietnamese people here and abroad to try harder, foster unity, and intensify your determination. The entire nation must unite as one and work with the Party, the Government, and all sectors to prevent this pandemic from spreading in the community.”

The Party leader’s call exhorting the Vietnamese people reflects his firm commitment and strong determination to push back the pandemic.

Unity, consensus to fight COVID-19 - ảnh 2ATM machines offer free rice to people in need. (Photo: VNA)

14th National Assembly Deputy Le Thanh Van said, “The Party leader’s appeal was raised to a higher level this time. He said “fighting the pandemic like fighting an enemy” to show his resolute determination to work with the Party and the whole nation to contain the pandemic. He is inspiring all people to endure the current hardship and overcome this difficult time together. His appeal rouses the national spirit of Vietnam here and abroad to fight the pandemic.”

Responding to his call, Vietnamese agencies, organizations, businesses, and individuals are promoting unity and mutual support in a spirit of “me for everyone, everyone for me,” and “loving others as ourselves” to suppress COVID-19.

Dinh Tuyet Nhung, Chairwoman of the Bac Kan provincial Agro-Pharma Cooperatives, said: "The Party leader’s appeal to all people to fight the COVID-19 pandemic is inspirational. Our cooperative has been working hard to make sure pandemic-hit southern people have the food they need. We give them both material and emotional support. We sell our agricultural products at reduced prices to people in pandemic-affected areas and arrange vehicles to transport essential goods to HCMC to ensure an uninterrupted supply.”

People have responded to the Party leader’s appeal with cash and other donations and have delivered free meals to people in need. Doctors and medical workers, even some who are retired, and students at medical universities and security and defense schools have volunteered to help frontline forces fight the pandemic. In response to the Party leader’s appeal, agencies at the frontline have collaborated with those in the rear, and doctors from every province and city have come to help out in pandemic hit areas.

After the first COVID-19 wave hit Vietnam in March, 2020, Vietnamese people here and abroad united to contain epicenters in Son Loi commune, Bach Mai Hospital, Ha Loi commune, and other localities in just 3 months. After nearly a year of being virtually free of the coronavirus, drastic measures by the government, localities, and sectors, and sacrifices by the public are now needed to once again contain COVID-19.

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