Vietnam centers on serving people in all activities

(VOVWORLD) -  Vietnam pursues a consistent policy of ensuring wealth, happiness, democracy, peace, safety, and security for its 100 million people without sacrificing social security, the environment, and social progress and equality purely for economic growth. Vietnam’s commitments and policies on human rights have been widely applauded by foreign experts, diplomats, investors, and partners.

Over the past two years, crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine have seriously affected the life of billions of people around the world and resulted in drastic economic and social changes.

According to the UNDP, for the first time in 32 years, the human development index of health, education and living standards in some countries fell dramatically over two consecutive years. This hampered efforts to move toward Sustainable Development Goals. More than 90% of countries recorded lower HDI in 2020 and 2021. But, Vietnam’s HDI jumped 2 places.

According to the UNDP’s Human Development Report 2021/2022, Vietnam maintained its economic growth in the most difficult years of the pandemic. Though the growth was slowed and vulnerable groups and individuals experienced extremely tough time, Vietnam avoided the reverse of its human development process.

Vietnam centers on serving people in all activities - ảnh 1Caitlin Wiesen, former UNDP Resident Coordinator in Vietnam (photo: VGP)

Caitlin Wiesen, former UNDP Resident Coordinator in Vietnam said the result has been attributed to Vietnam’s centering on the people throughout its development.

“We want to commend Vietnam during COVID over the last 2 years and particularly last year which was very difficult for those who were the most vulnerable. At that time, the decision was made by the government to raise the multi-dimensional poverty level, the income level which enable a much broader people to benefit. Over 8 million people were able to benefit from the multi-dimensional poverty relief,” said the former UNDP Resident Representative.

Foreign experts say that amid difficulties due to the pandemic in many countries, in Vietnam, stability was maintained. The government implemented effective, coordinated measures to minimize the pandemic’s impacts on the economy and recovered production and business activities to ensure employment, social security, and the livelihoods of the people, especially vulnerable people, with the motto of “leave no one behind”.

Prava Samataray, Secretary General of the India-Vietnam Solidarity Committee in West Bengal, India, said: “Social disparity and gap between rich and poor develops when the result of national development goes to only a few sections at this society. In simple words, if the growth and development of the nation is enjoyed by only a small section and majority of the people remain neglected or untouched, it creates social disparity and gaps. But Vietnam’s policy ideology is very much people-oriented, people are at center. Vietnam has implemented market-oriented socialism which involves everyone in the process of development.”

A recent survey by Expat Insider 2022 of the InterNations organization showed that 84% of foreigners around the world are satisfied with life in Vietnam. Vietnam ranks 7th among 10 best places to live for foreigners in 2022 and many foreigners select Vietnam as a place to live for a long time.

The World Happiness Report 2022 conducted in more than 150 countries raised Vietnam’s ranking up 2 places. All these demonstrate that Vietnam is a safe country where everyone lives in happiness and peace.

Palestinian Ambassador to Vietnam Saadi Salami said: "Having lived in Vietnam and followed its development for a long time, since 1980, I can affirm to all foreign and Vietnamese friends that Vietnam has made impressive strides. From a food importing country, Vietnam has now become a contributor to the world’s food security. Vietnam is drawing the attention of many countries around the world and set its own course of building an economy to serve people’s interest."

Vietnam always considers the people its goal and motivation for social development and progress. Economic growth and social issues are closely associated with the people, centering on the people, and aiming to ensure that people benefit from economic growth.