Vietnam, Laos stay firm on their development path

(VOVWORLD) - On September 5, 1962, Vietnam and Laos officially established diplomatic relations, marking an important milestone in the development of bilateral ties. Over the past 60 years, solidarity, cooperation, and mutual assistance have characterize the relationship between the two parties, countries, and peoples.

Vietnam and Laos stayed united in their struggles against foreign invaders to gain liberation and independence in 1975. Two years later, they signed the Friendship and Cooperation Treaty, which created a firm foundation for bilateral ties and comprehensive cooperation.

Cooperation achievements

Over the past 6 decades, Vietnam and Laos have promoted solidarity and mutual military and external relations support and lifted their political ties from traditional friendship to great friendship in February, 2019.

Bilateral coordination and mutual support at multilateral forums has raised both countries’ prestige in the region and the world and contributed to peace, stability, and development of the ASEAN Community.

The Vietnam-Laos economic cooperation has grown steadily, with two-way trade increasing constantly in recent years. From January to July, bilateral trade totaled 950 million USD, up 24.2% from last year. Vietnam is Laos’ third largest investor, with total registered capital of 5.4 billion USD.

The two countries have enhanced cooperation in education, training, culture, health care, transportation, and energy. Vietnam has trained more than 50,000 Lao students  in the last 10 years. Localities in the two countries, particularly border localities, have “sister city” partnerships.

Promoting solidarity has contributed to the two countries’ renewal, socio-economic development, national construction, and defense and contributed to maintaining peace and stability in the region and the world.

Vietnam, Laos stay firm on their development path - ảnh 1Lao Vice President Bounthong Chitmany speaks at a ceremony to mark the 60th anniversary of the Vietnam-Lao diplomatic ties and the 45th anniversary of the Vietnam-Lao Friendship and Cooperation Treaty (Photo: VNA)

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Vietnam-Lao diplomatic ties and the 45th anniversary of the Vietnam-Lao Friendship and Cooperation Treaty, Lao Vice President Bounthong Chitmany said: "We’re very happy with the strong development of bilateral ties in  politics, national defense, security, trade, and external relations despite fluctuations in the world and the two countries’ domestic challenges."

Staying firm on the development path

Amid rapid, unprecedented developments around the world, leaders of the two countries are determined to strengthen solidarity, friendship and cooperation in all fields and to protect their special friendship and comprehensive cooperation.  

During his official visit to Laos last August, President Nguyen Xuan Phuc stressed the need to put economic cooperation on a par with the special bilateral friendship.

Vietnam, Laos stay firm on their development path - ảnh 2President Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaks during his official visit to Laos in August, 2021

President Phuc said: "We need to enhance cooperation to become stronger and more prosperous. With experience gained from 35 years of national renewal and economic development in Vietnam, we think that the two countries need a new mindset for cooperation and stronger, breakthrough measures to liberate our resources and boost economic, trade and investment cooperation. Both Vietnam and Laos need to be proactive in international integration and mobilizing resources for our development. With stronger cooperation, Vietnamese and Lao goods can penetrate larger markets. Together, we will grow strongly."

The two countries plan to expand links in transportation, energy and telecommunications by expanding roads, railways, and cross-border routes along the East-West axis so that Lao goods can go through any port in Vietnam.

A Lao-Vietnam International Port has been set up in central Vietnam. By cooperating with Vietnam, Laos, a land locked country, can enjoy access by sea to any market in the world.

The establishment of diplomatic ties in 1962 opened a new chapter in the two countries’ construction and development. At a ceremony in July to mark the 60th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties and the 45th anniversary of the Treaty on Amity and Cooperation, President Phuc said that despite world challenges, Vietnam and Laos are determined to maintain and bring into play their special relationship.