Vietnam radio broadcasting – “Flexible transformation - beyond adaptation”

(VOVWORLD) - The 2022 National Radio Festival is taking place in HCM city until Saturday with theme “Flexible transformation - beyond adaptation”. Hosted by the Voice of Vietnam, the HCM City People’s Committee, and the Voice of HCM City’s People, the festival reflects the current development trend of modern broadcasting.
Vietnam radio broadcasting – “Flexible transformation - beyond adaptation” - ảnh 1The 15th National Radio Festival opens in HCM City on Thursday

The theme “Flexible transformation - beyond adaptation” embraces several meanings that highlight the rapid development of science and technology which is forcing radio broadcasting agencies to flexibly transform their program content and delivery methods toward digital transformation. Modern broadcasting is changing its approach and becoming more interactive to get closer to audiences.

Vietnam radio broadcasting – “Flexible transformation - beyond adaptation” - ảnh 2VOV President Do Tien Sy

VOV President Do Tien Sy said: "Listeners have changed their listening habits. They no longer sit passively in front of the radio listening to radio programs for hours. Now they can listen to radio anywhere and anytime with their smartphone. It’s an opportunity for radio to develop, but also a great challenge for radio to change to adapt to its listeners. With its advantages of being fast, and having no interference and no fake news, radio is still a reliable channel of official and verified information. Radio broadcasters need to constantly improve their content and delivery methods to suit the modern audience."

Mr. Dong Manh Hung, Head of the Editorial Secretariat and Secretary General of the 2022 National Radio Festival, said this year’s Festival has a record number of entries in several categories. The live broadcast competition drew 31 radio stations.

Mr. Hung said: "All the participating stations use digital platforms to reach a wider audience. That means radio broadcasting has been extended to enable interaction with listeners."

Vietnam radio broadcasting – “Flexible transformation - beyond adaptation” - ảnh 3VOV5 French Section participates in the live broadcast competition at the 15th National Radio Festival in HCM City

Nguyen Thu Hang, a reporter for Hai Phong Radio and TV Station, said: "With technology booming and the world moving toward digital transformation, radio can be heard not just on the FM frequency but also on digital platforms. I believe these programs will not disappoint listeners."

In the current era of information explosion, listeners are the ones who control what they listen to, and when and where they listen to it. Radio has expanded to the Internet and popular mobile devices. Radio broadcasters are striving to innovate every day to meet the needs of the audience.