Vietnam to expand e-visa to attract more foreign tourists

(VOVWORLD) - The Vietnam General Administration of Tourism says Vietnam received 13 million tourists in the past 10 months, up 22% against last year. The growing number of foreign arrivals to Vietnam is partly attributed to the pilot e-visa program.
Vietnam to expand e-visa to attract more foreign tourists - ảnh 1

Since the program was launched in February 2017, Vietnam has granted more than 330,000 e-visas to citizens from 46 countries. The pilot program has attracted an increased number of foreigners to Vietnam for tourism and business. E-visa procedures are simple. Applicants can fill in a form online and will receive an approval in just 3 days.  Many countries and territories have asked Vietnam to effer e-visas to their citizens.

Bui Mau Quang, a National Assembly deputy for Hai Duong province, said. “In two years we have seen a growing number of visitors to Vietnam. It shows that the government was wise to give the National Assembly sufficient time to revise the Law on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam to avoid any negative impact on the economy, national defence, or security.”

Dinh Cong Sy, a deputy for Son La province, called e-visas the right way to reform entry and exit procedures. He urged the government to allow more border stations to accept e-visas.

The Vietnamese government has proposed the National Assembly extend the e-visa program for another two years until 2021.

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