Vietnam’s rescue mission in Turkey upholds international solidarity

(VOVWORLD) -  Rescuers of the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security arrived in Hanoi on Sunday  ending their 10-day mission to help victims of the recent earthquakes in Turkey. Their peers from the Vietnam People's Army are continuing to coordinate with  rescuers from other countries to help the Turkish people. Joining the mission, the Vietnamese rescuers upheld international solidarity with those from other countries.

Vietnam’s rescue mission in Turkey upholds international solidarity - ảnh 1Rescuers of the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security completed their mission in Turkey  (Photo: Pham Kien/VNA)

This is the first time that Vietnamese forces including 100 police and military officers have joined the international rescue effort after a natural disaster.

Making all-out effort

During their time in Turkey, the rescue team of the Ministry of Public Security implemented many professional, flexible measures, using technical means to complete the task at three designated locations in Adiyaman city. They worked closely with rescue forces of other countries, saved one survivor, brought 14 victims' bodies out of the rubble, and handed them over to the local health authority. For their professionalism and dedication, the Vietnamese rescuers were praised by their foreign colleagues. They were also assigned to difficult locations.

The team donated nearly two tons of medical equipment to Adiyaman city’s Health Department and visited, presented gifts to, and consoled people affected by the earthquakes.

Vietnam’s rescue mission in Turkey upholds international solidarity - ảnh 2Lieutenant General To An Xo, spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security (Photo:

Lieutenant General To An Xo, spokesman of the Ministry of Public Security, said: "By joining the rescue mission, Vietnam wanted to share with the hardship of the Turkish people caused by the earthquakes. It was a reflection of Vietnam’s foreign policy and sense of community responsibility and international solidarity, and showed that the Vietnamese Party, State and people are ready to join hands with the international community to solve difficult challenges and maintain a peaceful and stable environment for cooperation and development."

In Hatay, Vietnamese soldiers are working with rescue forces from 36 other countries to search for victims of the earthquake. The Vietnamese rescuers have found 14 victims buried in the rubble.

Upholding international solidarity

The efforts and dedication of the Vietnamese rescuers have been acknowledged by Turkish volunteers and local people and authorities, especially the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkey (AFAD). Salim Basheer, a volunteer from Turkey’s UFA city, expressed gratitude for Vietnam’s rescue forces.

He said: "We’d like to thank our Vietnamese friends for coming here to help Turkey and its people. During the last few days, you have done your best to rescue victims and help us and this has been a great source of encouragement for us. Once again, thank you for helping us to overcome this disaster. We wish you health."

Greg Rankin, Commander of Rescue Coordination Center No 10 in Hatay, Turkey said: “I feel grateful for the joint efforts of the rescue forces of Vietnam and other countries. It’s a great help for Turkey. I hope all our efforts will pay off.”

Edgar Toscano, a representative of Mexico's rescue force, said: “The cooperation between Vietnamese forces and other countries is playing a very important role for the city and its people. It’s important that we can work together and do our best to save lives. I have a good impression of the Vietnamese army. I can't think of anything better than that. In the future, we can cooperate very well in many respects, not just in rescue and relief, but also economics, humanitarian assistance, and many other things."

Sending forces to help the search and rescue in Turkey, Vietnam hopes to uphold the spirit of international solidarity, compassion, and mutual assistance for a peaceful world.