Vietnam’s strategic breakthroughs in the next ten years

(VOVWORLD) - Draft documents of the 13th National Party Congress have been made available for public opinions. Three major development breakthroughs mentioned in the draft report on the socio-economic development strategy of the last 10 years and the strategy for the next 10 years - fine-tuning the market economy’s legal framework, accelerating human resource development, and modernizing infrastructure - have been debated by NA deputies.

According to the draft report, Vietnam will continue to fine-tune and improve the socialist-oriented market economy’s legal framework to make it comprehensive, modern, and integrated. Vietnam will reform and modernize national governance focusing on development and social management, and upgrade socio-economic infrastructure, particularly transport, energy, IT, and climate change response.

Bui Van Cuong, a deputy for Dak Lak province, said:  “These are major breakthroughs in human resources, infrastructure, and the legal framework. A stronger legal framework will make the state and social management better. Improved human resources will increase productivity and boost growth. Upgraded infrastructure will create momentum for development.”

Fine-tuning the legal framework is the most important breakthrough because it will determine the mobilization and utilization of resources and the delegation and control of power. A better legal framework will help create a sound business environment.

Vietnam’s strategic breakthroughs in the next ten years - ảnh 1 Do Van Sinh, a NA deputy for Quang Tri province (Photo:

Do Van Sinh, a deputy for Quang Tri province, said: "We need to review all the laws so that they can better serve the market economy and improve transparency to pave the way for more resources. The laws must provide an open mechanism for the regulation of the market.”

According to the draft report, it’s important to improve human resources, particularly the capacity of leaders and managers in key sectors. High quality human resources depend on high quality education and training, the application of technology, cultural development, and the promotion of human potential.

Vietnam’s strategic breakthroughs in the next ten years - ảnh 2Le Thanh Van, a NA deputy for Ca Mau province, 

Le Thanh Van, a deputy for Ca Mau province, said:  “We need to match officials to their. High quality human resources are very important because they make policies that are relevant and facilitate implementation and enforcement of the law. Members of the Party Central Committee should be chosen carefully to lead the country forward.”

The draft report mentions a number of key national projects on transportation, climate change response, and building infrastructure for the digital transformation, digital economy and digital society.

Bui Thanh Tung, a deputy for Hai Phong city, stressed the need to modernize Vietnam’s infrastructure:  “It’s important to increase investment in infrastructure for economic development. Without a strong, coordinated infrastructure, transportation, trade, and other socio-economic activities will be difficult.”

Realizing these three strategic breakthroughs is the key to making Vietnam’s socio-economic development strategy for the next ten years a success.