Workers’ Month: Trade Union takes care of workers

(VOVWORLD) - Workers’ Month is a focal month for the Trade Union, who will organize activities for workers nationwide. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some annual events have been canceled, but Trade Union branches have organized number activities to protect and care for workers under the motto “where there are workers, there are trade unions.”
Workers’ Month: Trade Union takes care of workers - ảnh 1Workers are given gifts at a ceremony in Quang Ninh province on May 21, 2020, during Workers' Month. (Photo:

Da Nang city’s Trade Unions at all levels spent 600,000 USD to help workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Trade Unions worked with businesses to subsidize employees, particularly those suffering from occupational accidents, serious long-term illness, and income loss due to COVID-19.

Other activities helped ensure jobs and incomes, improve work conditions, and reduce occupational safety and hygiene risks.

Worker Ho Xuan Cuong said: “The Trade Union has helped eased my family’s burden.

The program “Trade Union Compassion Houses” helps workers build and repair houses. Doan Minh Hiep, who works for the MTV Construction Company in An Giang province, lives with his son in a dilapidated house. His monthly salary is about 300 USD, just enough to survive.

Hiep said: “It’s an old house. This area is often flooded. I can’t afford to repair the house. With support from the Trade Union and the company, I borrowed some money to build a concrete house. I’m very happy now I believe in the Trade Union. I’ll continue working to make a small contribution to the company’s development.”

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