Explore Tay Ninh's cultural and ecological tourism

The southeastern province of Tay Ninh is blessed with beautiful landscapes including Ba Den mountain and Lo Go Xa mat national park. The Ba Den mountain festival is famous throughout the country. These advantages are helping Tay Ninh develop its cultural and ecological tourism.

Tay Ninh province borders Cambodia on the southwest, through which runs the trans Asia road linking HCM City and Phnompenh. The province has been taking advantage of its location by developing tours to Cambodia and other ASEAN countries."Tay Ninh has a 140 km long border with Cambodia and 3 border gates. The Moc Bai border gate is much used but the other two border gates Xa Mat and Tan Bien have not been fully tapped. It’s about 30 km from Tay Ninh town to the Xa Mat border gate and the road is very beautiful flanked by rice fields and rubber forests creating a good ecological tourism potential", said Bui Ba Phuong, Director of a Travel Company in Tay ninh.

Explore Tay Ninh's cultural and ecological tourism - ảnh 1

In addition to beautiful landscapes, Tay Ninh boasts some famous architectural and historical sites. About 4 km east of Tay Tinh is the famous Cao Dai Tay Ninh Church, which was built in 1426. Covering 1 square kilometers, the Church is a complex of religious architecture blending Oriental and Western cultures. The province is also home to the largest religious complex of the southeastern region- the Nui Ba Den relic. The Nui Ba Den festival, held annually from the 15th to the 18th of the first lunar month, is one of the most exciting festivals in southern Vietnam. Tay Ninh province can also take advantage of the ecological diversity of the 18,000 ha Lo Go-Xa Mat National Park, home to diverse species of fauna and flora. "There are forests, streams and the headwaters of the Vam Co Dong river and a wide range of mammals, birds and insects. This is a primitive nature archive, an attractive destination for ecological and adventure tourism and scientific research. Lo Go Xa Mat National Park is a promising area for tourism development", Nguyen Dinh Xuan, Director of Lo Go Xa Mat National Park said.
Visitors to the park can meet Khmer ethnic minority people and discover their traditional culture, festivals and cuisine. Every year, Tay Ninh attracts nearly 2.5 million visitors."Tay ninh province is poised to develop tours of religious establishments, scenic sites beautiful sites such as the Ba Den mountain and Lo Go Xa Mat National Parks and exploration of local ethnic cultures", said Ha Van Sieu, Director of the Tourism Research Center.

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