Lung Phinh waterfall – attraction of Lao Cai province

(VOVWORLD) - Sitting 1,800 meters above sea level, Lung Phinh commune of Lao Cai province in Vietnam’s northern mountains is known for its colorful market, rustic villages, and stunning waterfalls cascading from the primeval forest. Lung Phinh waterfall is the latest ravishing attraction discovered by tourists. 
Lung Phinh spring, just three kilometers from the center of Lung Phinh commune, is tucked away in a small valley surrounded by massive rugged mountains. Lung Phinh spring has a terraced rice paddy on one side and forest on the other side. It flows for 500 meters then cascades into a waterfall.

A visitor to Lung Phinh waterfall said, “It’s quite easy to reach Lung Phinh waterfall. When I heard the sound of the water from afar, I just wanted to run to the waterfall immediately. I’m standing at the top now and about to descend to the foot of the waterfall. The water is amazingly clear. The rainy season hasn’t come yet. So little surface water leaves the rocks visible. Lung Phinh waterfall is really dreamy, ideal for a camping trip and cookout.”   

Measuring 10 meters high and 40 meters wide, Lung Phinh waterfall is a lovely gift of nature that looks best in the rainy season in the late summer and early fall. The waterfall pours down in white foam with a steady roar. The white foam quickly diffuses into the crystal water. From the top of Lung Phinh waterfall, visitors can survey a panoramic view of shining yellow rice fields and rugged mountains.

Lung Phinh waterfall – attraction of Lao Cai province - ảnh 1Lung Phinh waterfall (Photo: VOV)

Lung Phinh waterfall was catapulted to popularity by Thao Seo Su, a local man, who posted online a photo a family outing there. Lung Phinh waterfall quickly came onto the radar of travelers.      

“Today Lung Phinh waterfall is often packed with visitors during national holidays. It used to be an exclusive getaway just for people in Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. Bathing in the cool water is a wonderful experience,” according to Su.

Thao Seo Lu, another local resident, told VOV, “Lung Phinh waterfall has great potential for tourism development. It is attracting more and more tourists. There are only a few waterfalls in Bac Ha district. Here, local people plan to sell tourists specialties like black chickens, pigs, and carp and offer them dine-in service.”   

Strolling around the Lung Phinh traditional market, discovering the local ethnic minority culture, and gazing at the buckwheat fields stretching to the horizon are additional options for a trip to Lung Phinh waterfall.

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