Moc Chau plateau experience tour

(VOVWORLD) - Moc Chau plateau in Son La with its pure air, unspoiled nature, and friendly people draw many visitors. The grass fields, green tea hills, and dairy farms are popular destinations in the area. The life and culture of local people also boast an appeal to outsiders.
 Moc Chau plateau experience tour - ảnh 1 Ban Ang pine forest

At 1,050 meters above sea level, Moc Chau plateau has a moderate climate. It is the largest and the most beautiful plateau in northern Vietnam. Home-stay options are new but the ideal method of experiencing Moc Chau it enables visitors to learn more about the culture by living and working with local people.

Vu Thi Ngoc Anh is from Hanoi:“We are very happy. This is the first time we’ve ever picked tomatoes and cabbages. We have had a wonderful experience.”

The Tourism Management Board of Moc Chau district has cooperated with local communes and cooperatives to organize tours of growing and harvesting agricultural produce.

 Moc Chau plateau experience tour - ảnh 2Moc Chau local cuisine

Dinh Thi Huong is Head of the district’s Culture Section:“Moc Chau wants to promote tours of the dairy farms and tea plantations. We try to preserve our culture in order to attract more visitors.”

Moc Chau is uniquely beautiful with colorful flower gardens and large plum and peach forests. The richness of the Mong ethnic culture makes the region even more seductive. Kieu Nhu is from Hanoi: “This is my first visit to Moc Chau. I’ve enjoyed every second. There are many scenic spots. Local people are so friendly. I visited the pine hill early this morning. The scenery is spectacular.”

Doi (Bat) cave with its sparkling stalactites, Dai Yem waterfall, Ban Ang pine forest and the large mustard green fields of Ba Phach hamlet  are just some of the other attractions that both Vietnamese and foreign visitors can enjoy.