Hung Yen to become a digitalized locality

(VOVWORLD) - Hung Yen province has identified digital transformation as one of its key tasks, and is now developing an IT application program and a digital transformation project.


Hung Yen to become a digitalized locality  - ảnh 1An overview of Hung Yen city (Photo:
Over the years, Hung Yen has eagerly applied IT solutions to its administrative work. It now provides 30% of its administrative services online and is well on its way to building a fully-digital e-government administration.

Outside of the government, digital technology is mainly used in industry, agriculture, healthcare, education, and services. New businesses and services based on digital technology and the internet have created jobs and improved local incomes and quality of life. Hung Yen now has more than 350 IT businesses contributing to provincial revenues.

Recognizing that digital transformation hastens economic restructuring and bolsters competitiveness, the Resolution of province’s 19th Party Committee’s 9th meeting on Hung Yen’s digital transformation from 2021-2025 and vision to 2030, said that, by 2025, all level 3 and 4 public services will be provided online, with multiple means of access, including mobile devices; all management activities of agencies from province to commune level will use electronic documents with digital signatures; and 90% of records at province level and 80% of records at district or commune level will be processed online. In addition, two urban areas – Hung Yen city and My Hao town – will meet the basic smart city criteria.

Other goals are to have Hung Yen’s digital economy account for 20% of its Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) and at least 10% of each industry or field, and to have 50% or more of its population own an electronic payment account.

According to the Resolution, Hung Yen is determined to build a digital government and develop a digital economy and society. Digital transformation will help build a smart society and a modern economy, promote economic restructuring, and boost labor productivity and competitiveness. The province’s management will be more efficient on a digital platform. By 2030, Hung Yen province will be among Vietnam’s top 20 provinces and cities in digital transformation.

To achieve that goal, Hung Yen has revised legal documents to support enterprises in digital transformation, innovation, investment, and trading. Hung Yen has promulgated a master plan for implementing digital transformation until 2025 with a vision to 2030. The provincial Department of Information and Communications has been assigned to implement the plan.

Under the master plan, in addition to developing mechanisms, policies, technical infrastructure, and platforms to serve digital transformation, Hung Yen will push digital transformation in education, agriculture, industry, trade, environmental resources, transportation, logistics, finance, and banking.

Amid the current epidemic, top priority will be given to healthcare based on digital technology. Digital technology will be applied at medical facilities; used to streamline administrative procedures; enable telemedicine services and electronic medical records to ensure quicker, easier access to doctors; and provide a smart medical management platform that integrates patient data, images, and data from the provincial health system.

Incentives will be provided to develop a smart agriculture sector, and information systems will be set up on social media to promote Hung Yen’s traditional culture.  

To prepare the technical infrastructure and platforms for digital transformation, in July, 2021, the provincial People's Committee and the Military Industry and Telecoms Group (Viettel) signed a cooperative agreement to build and develop telecoms and IT infrastructure, build a smart city foundation, support the digital transformation project, cooperate in human resource development, and help Hung Yen ensure network information security.

The provincial Party Congress Resolution for the 2021-2025 tenure set out policies which include major investment in human resources and IT infrastructure with three pillars. This and other roadmaps for digital transformation will help Hung Yen make the most of new opportunities to integrate internationally.