Hung Yen to become a digitalized locality

(VOVWORLD) - Hung Yen province has identified digital transformation as one of its key tasks, and is now developing an IT application program and a digital transformation project.

Hung Yen to become a digitalized locality  - ảnh 1An overview of Hung Yen city (Photo:

Hung Yen province is developing a digital transformation project until 2025 with a vision to 2030 with the goal of becoming a role model for digital transformation. The provincial Department of Information and Communications is in charge of the project.

According to Bui Van Sy, the Department’s Director, the project will proceed in phases aiming to digitize data on environmental resources and build a population database. IT will be applied to develop key products in line with the national program under which each commune will have a typical product.

Hung Yen to become a digitalized locality  - ảnh 2Nguyen Xuan Duong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hung Yen Garment Corporation (Photo:

Nguyen Xuan Duong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hung Yen Garment Corporation, said Hung Yen will enjoy a lot of advantages if it promotes digital transformation.  

“This is an opportunity for businesses to quickly integrate with the world and connect with each other. We’ll work with consulting firms to provide businesses with the professional knowledge and skills needed to move toward e-commerce and international integration,” said Mr. Duong.

Hung Yen plans to focus its digital transformation on developing a digitized government associated with smart cities, a digital economy based on digital businesses, and a digital society based on people’s digital skills.

To achieve these goals, Hung Yen’s strategy will closely follow the National Digital Transformation Program, said Nguyen Duy Hung, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee.

He explained, “Under its 10-year vision, Hung Yen aims to become a rich, beautiful, civilized locality with an industry comparable to that of Vietnam’s most strongly developed localities and a high per capita income. We’re determined to build model new-style rural areas to help Hung Yen meet the criteria for a centrally-run city.”

In July the provincial People's Committee and the Military Industry and Telecoms  Group (Viettel) signed a cooperative agreement to build and develop telecoms and IT infrastructure, build a smart city foundation, support the digital transformation project, cooperate in human resource development, and help Hung Yen ensure network information security.

A steering committee has been set up to build Hung Yen’s e-Government and create plans, regulations, and guidance on IT development and application in state agencies.

The provincial Party Congress Resolution until 2025 has set out policies which include major investment in human resources and IT infrastructure.