Vietnam looks for solutions to national digital transformation

(VOVWORLD) - The 13th National Party Congress has identified national digital transformation as of paramount importance with digital government, digital economy and digital society being three main pillars. Vietnam has paid special attention to digital transformation by launching many programs and solutions to create breakthroughs for Vietnam to become a prosperous nation.

Vietnam looks for solutions to national digital transformation  - ảnh 1Nguyen Huy Dung, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, speaks at the launch ceremony of the Viet Solution contest 2022. (Photo: Thao Anh)

More than two years after the Prime Minister approved the "National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, with orientation to 2030", Vietnam has achieved positive initial outcomes, especially improved awareness about digital transformation in state agencies, businesses, and people.

It’s obvious that technology is spreading into all socio-economic activities in localities, ministries, sectors, and the Government, creating a spillover effect.

Do Cong Anh, Director of the Department of Information Technology at the Ministry of Information and Communications, underscored the need “to improve awareness of digital transformation for the entire population. Digital transformation doesn’t refer to only technology or the purchase of technological equipment, but is institutions and policies, awareness and capacity of an organization.”

“Technology contributes only 20% to the success of digital transformation, the remainder depends on awareness and capacity to implement the process. The most important thing in the digital transformation process is the involvement of everyone, every part of an organization, and every component in society,” said Cong Anh.

The digital economy has made greater contributions to the economy with a rapid increase in the number of new enterprises. Digital society, with citizens at its center, has been a key to development. More particularly, several Vietnamese apps have met the needs of Vietnamese users and have been used by a large number of people.

These achievements are attributed to the involvement of the Government, especially the Ministry of Information and Communications.

Over the past three years, the Ministry has been constantly facilitated the development of domestic digital technology products. 'Make in Vietnam' Digital Product Award or Viet Solutions, a contest seeking digital transformation solutions for Vietnam, are examples.

At the launch ceremony for Viet Solution 2022 contest last month, Nguyen Huy Dung, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, called on Vietnam's digital technology enterprises to be confident in solving Vietnam's problems towards dominating the domestic market.

According to Dung, “Digital transformation can only succeed if it can involve all people. Vietnam has an abundant community of technology businesses which are dynamic, creative and capable of mastering technology. Their dream is to bring technology into every corner of life.”

The Viet Solution as an example, Dung said, adding “The contest offers a major opportunity to bring digital technology into each industry and each field and bring potential customers and digital businesses closer with each other. The Ministry of Information and Communications hopes that digital technology businesses consider this a good opportunity to work out technological solutions to solve the issues of society, thereby finding development opportunities for themselves.”

Vietnam looks for solutions to national digital transformation  - ảnh 2Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh chairs the second session of the National Committee on Digital Transformation in late April 2022.

Vietnam has many opportunities to discover new digital transformation solutions for industries, localities, and businesses thanks to its understanding of the domestic market, customer needs, local culture, and creativeness.

Vietnamese technology enterprises have many opportunities to master and keep pace with world powers in research, development, and application of new digital technologies, and Vietnam will soon become independent and self-reliant in the value chain.

At the second session of the National Committee on Digital Transformation in late April, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said that digital transformation should be associated with national rapid and sustainable development, economic recovery, and  growth in the current period.

Mr. Chinh insisted the importance of having a breakthrough way of thinking with a strategic vision and a suitable and practical way to realize it.

“Proper investment should be made in perfecting institutions, technology, human resource training, and administration. Public-private cooperation is a must for digital transformation, raising awareness and taking drastic actions,” said PM Chinh.

He said, “It’s essential to strengthen communications for all, especially for people and businesses to create consensus and response plus improving databases, implementing digital citizenship development programs, supporting localities and increasing international cooperation.”

The Prime Minister also asked for a number of legal documents to be completed while ministries, sectors and localities implement national digital transformation projects for the new period to promote the digital economy and society in a rapid, sustainable, and comprehensive manner.

He stressed the need to promptly digitally transform in all industries and socio-economic fields by using technologies and data to improve competitiveness.

October 10 has been observed as National Digital Transformation Day with the aim to accelerate digital transformation tasks, raise public awareness on its role, and to mobilize the entire political system and population so as to ensure the success of the work.

Vietnam is determined to realize its set tasks to boost national digital transformation in the new period.