Vietnam’s potential for e-commerce development

(VOVworld) – E-commerce is currently an inevitable trend of the global economy and Vietnam is not apart from this movement. Along with the Internet boom, Vietnamese companies have been interested in online trading and business expansion.

Vietnam’s potential for e-commerce development  - ảnh 1
The growth of online transactions brings providers and customers closer together
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Although the Aube studio of Nguyen Duy Linh, a young businessman, is located in a small alley in Hanoi, it’s widely spread. Up to 70% of its customers have heard about it via the Internet, especially via social networks. Linh says “through Facebook, we can access a diversity of customers. If we hand out leaflets in the streets, the clients will only be those who are living in Hanoi. So far, up to 70% of our customers come from Hai Phong city, Bac Ninh, and Nam Dinh provinces.

Through the Internet, Linh’s customers are provided with information about the studio’s services and products. Cao Thi Hanh, from Nam Dinh, 90km southeast of Hanoi, tells VOV how she has got to know Aube’s services: “I joined Facebook just 3 or 4 months ago and, by chance, found a wedding photo taken by Aube. I liked the idea of the pic and logged onto Aube’s Facebook page. I’m impressed by the style of most of their photos. I decided to use its services.

Do Kim Thinh is another young entrepreneur who is running a small fashion shop in Ho Chi Minh City. His products are sold widely in many cities and provinces throughout the country. After 3 years of offering products on a number of social websites, Thinh says his business has been shown good progress. He notes “with the popularity of the Internet, online transactions have become more common for everyone, particularly among youngsters and desk workers. They can easily buy what they need online.

According to young businessmen like Linh or Thinh, online trading offers a wealth of benefits – low costs, the fast spread of information, promotions and advertisements to more customers, and easily getting direct access to clients.

More than 31 million Vietnamese people use the Internet accounting for 35.5% of the total population. About 42% of Vietnamese enterprises have their own websites to promote their products. 29% of total domestic companies now accept online orders and 47% of businesses have used search tools to find partners or material sources. Social networks are a promising land for those who can catch this trading opportunity, according to Tran Tuan Viet of V&A Joint Stock Company. Viet says “Vietnamese companies have developed or invested in online sales or customer care via social networks with Facebook currently being the most popular site. This cost-effective market is efficient for enterprises, especially for small and medium sized ones.

In recent years, the boom in social networks and mobile facilities has contributed to the growth of online transactions, bringing providers and customers closer together. 

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