15,000 C/Os issued in two months of EVFTA enforcement

(VOVWORLD) - Nearly 15,000 sets of certificates of origin (C/O) were granted to Vietnamese products for export to the EU, two months since the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) came into effect.

The items granted C/Os are mainly footwear, seafood, coffee, textiles, bags, suitcases, farm produce, and rattan and bamboo products.

Most import markets are countries with seaports and transshipment centres in the EU including Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, France, and the UK. In particular, many shipments have arrived in the EU market, been cleared, and are enjoying preferential treatment.

In August only, Vietnam earned 3.2 billion USD from exports to the EU, an increase of 4.6% against July. September’s export turnover to the EU continued to grow 14.4% over the same period.

Since the beginning of August, the number of seafood orders has increased 10% against the previous month. The export price of Vietnamese rice has increased from 80 to 200 USD a ton, depending on types.

Other export items such as telephones and components, machinery, spare parts, textiles, footwear, seafood, furniture, and coffee are expected to see an increase in turnover.

Over the past 9 months, the US, Vietnam’s largest export market, posted a turnover increase of 22.9% over last year. It’s followed by China, ASEAN, South Korea, and Japan.

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