2 suspects in “contaminated eggs” scandal detained

(VOVWORLD) - Dutch authorities on Thursday detained two suspects in the “contaminated eggs” scandal. Eggs distributed widely in European markets have been found to be contaminated with fipronil, a substance found in pesticides.

The scandal did not end with the Netherlands. Denmark, Romania, and Slovakia have all detected eggs allegedly contaminated with pesticides. 20 tons of contaminated eggs have been circulating in the Danish market, according to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

2 suspects in “contaminated eggs” scandal detained  - ảnh 1(Source: AFP/VNA) 

 All of the eggs were purchased from a Belgian company. Though the contamination in the eggs is within acceptable health limits, the eggs are being recalled.

Romanian authorities have reported a ton of pesticide-tainted egg yolks imported from Germany, but these have not yet been distributed to consumers.

 The Slovakian Ministry of Agriculture on Thursday detected pesticide-tainted eggs in a warehouse in West Slovakia.

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