ADB supports green agriculture in Vietnam

(VNA) - The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will provide Vietnam two loans totaling 112 USD to help the country develop low carbon agriculture and to set up and implement ADB-financed projects. The agreement was signed in Hanoi on Thursday, according to an ADB press release.

ADB supports green agriculture in Vietnam - ảnh 1
The signing ceremony between ADB and Vietnam (Photo:

A 74 million USD loan from ADB’s Asian Development Fund (ADF) will be used for a low-carbon agricultural support project. The project will focus on mainstreaming climate-smart agricultural waste management practices by supporting waste management infrastructure, providing credit for biogas value chains, and facilitating the transfer and deployment of advanced technologies to manage agricultural waste. 38 million USD, also from the ADF, will help the Vietnamese Government set up and implement projects to ensure effective aid utilization.