Algerian media spotlights President Ho Chi Minh

(VOVWORLD) - Media agencies and newspapers in Algeria have praised late President Ho Chi Minh’s morality and thought as well as his contributions to Vietnam’s national liberation and reunification, and to liberation movements around the world.
Algerian media spotlights President Ho Chi Minh - ảnh 1

News agency APS ran an article highlighting Uncle Ho’s patriotism and cited Time magazine’s list of the 100 most outstanding people of the 20th century on which Ho Chi Minh was named in the top 20. Ho Chi Minh championed disadvantaged groups around the world, the article said, and highly valued intellectuals.

The Elmoudjahid newspaper called Uncle Ho the founder of the Vietnamese revolution and a symbol of the anti-colonialism movement.

In an article published in the Tribune-diplomatique-internationale newspaper, author Larab said President Ho Chi Minh fought against colonialism and illiteracy and for human rights.

Algerie360 said President Ho Chi Minh bequaeathed a moral and political sense of responsibility to the Vietnamese people and humankind, and attached importance to solidarity, equality, friendship, mutual understanding, cooperation and fraternity among nations.