Angela Merkel's CDU approves coalition deal with SPD

(VOVWORLD) - Germany’s Christian Democrats (CDU) met on Monday in Berlin to approve a coalition deal with the Social Democrats (SPD), a move that will take their leader, Angela Merkel, a step closer to a fourth term as Germany’s chancellor.
Angela Merkel's CDU approves coalition deal with SPD - ảnh 1German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Social Democrat leader Martin Schulz at a press conference in Berlin on February 07, 2018. (Photo: VNA)

Chancellor Merkel reassured delegates that the new governing coalition she is seeking with the center-left Social Democrats will not allow new taxes or new public debt. She said Germany and her CDU party need orientations, citing public concerns about globalization, digitalization and unease about establishment political parties. She said the CDU will stick to its stance on no new debts and no tax increases.

Merkel called for a renewal of Europe, saying the EU is vital to ensuring that German interests are addressed globally, and called for immediate efforts to address the current patchwork of regulations on border security, defense, and capital markets.

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