Anti-war protests in UK

(VOVworld) – Hundreds of Britons have rallied in Lincolnshire, East England, to protest over the Royal Air Force (RAF)’s use of drone aircraft in Afghanistan. On Saturday, they demonstrated along major streets to Waddington airbase of RAF, chanting anti-war slogans and raising banners which read: “No more drone". "The war is not a video game”. The protests took place following the British Ministry of Defence’s confirmation that armed drone aircraft have been operated remotely from Britain to join military activities to support the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF) and Afghan ground forces. According to the ministry, Reaper drones flew missions of reconnaissance of Afghan territories without conducting attacks. However, protesters said these drones are capable of conducting airstrikes, causing civilian casualties.

Anti-war protests in UK - ảnh 1
Drone aircraft MQ-9 Reaper (Photo: