APPF-26 boosts comprehensive economic link

(VOVWORLD) - Economic and trade issues topped the agenda of the second plenary session of the 26th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF-26) in Hanoi on Friday.
 APPF-26 boosts comprehensive economic link - ảnh 1 Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue speaks at the 26th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF-26) in Hanoi on January 19, 2018 (Photo: VNA)

Delegates from member states discussed comprehensive economic connection, food security and sustainable agricultural development, and support for micro-, small, and medium-sized enterprises in the digital era.

Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue reiterated the significance of the topics of the forum’s plenary sessions which will create a foundation for regional sustainable development.

Hue said the world is changing greatly thanks to strong influence of science and technology, the 4th Industrial Revolution, globalization, and the pressure of geopolitical competition among countries across the globe.

Hue noted: “We need to renovate our mindset on development and boost links and cooperation in various aspects, especially in economics and trade. We need more practical acts to improve connectivity like APEC and ASEAN initiatives focusing on infrastructure, human, and institutions in which parliament plays a key role in each country. We need to uphold the role of the National Assembly and government in the development of a legal system, policies, and regulations to ensure fair competition, enhance supply and demand, and improve governance.”

Vietnamese National Assembly Deputy Chairman Phung Quoc Hien said: “It’s necessary to increase support for enterprises and ensure food security in response to climate change. The Vietnamese National Assembly has amended a series of economic laws in line with international practice and commitments. The Vietnamese Assembly’s efforts have improved the national investment environment, and we have affirmed to work closely with member parliaments to pursue the goal of comprehensive economic connectivity.”

Canadian parliamentarian Victor OH said as not all APEC members have been members of the APPF, it requires political commitment to boosting economics and trade, adding: “My hopes for all the countries of the Asia-Pacific region who have a stake in promoting regional immigration and keen to see progress in various bilateral and multi-lateral initiatives being undertaken throughout the region. Furthermore, I want to emphasize the importance of sustaining political wheel to achieve the objectives centering on regional economy and immigration and impacts and beyond.”

Other topics of APPF meeting on Friday included food security, sustainable agricultural development, and business support.

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