Art exchange program "Vietnam aspiration" confirms trust in the Party

(VOVWORLD) - Celebrating the 13th National Party Congress, the Voice of Vietnam hosted an art exchange program "Vietnam aspiration" in Hanoi on Friday evening.

Art exchange program

The program told a story of Vietnam’s new page of history, national independence and freedom, national renewal and development, and aspirations for a mighty, civilized, and happy Vietnam as the 13th National Party Congress has envisaged in the vision of 2030-2045. The story was told by touching artistic images, music, lyrics, documentaries, and historical witnesses.

Associate Professor Doctor Nguyen Manh Ha, Former Director of the Institute of Party History - Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, said, “The Communist Party of Vietnam masters an ingenious art of leadership. Our Party and leader Nguyen Ai Quoc actively cooperated with the Allies to jointly fight against the Japanese fascists. Thanks to such cooperation, we were able to grasp information. Ho Chi Minh at that time promptly convened the National Party Congress because we learned that the Allies would enter Vietnam by the end of August 1945 and the Japanese Emperor would declare surrender. Being well informed and led by the Party and leader Ho Chi Minh, the Vietnamese people gained independence in two weeks.”

Lt. Gen. Dang Quan Thuy, former Vice Chairman of the National Assembly and former Chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Association, said, “All the journeys we have passed were marked by success under the leadership of the Party. The Party is the lodestar, wisdom, creativity, innovation, and solidarity. So we believe that trust will be turned into a practical, proactive action to bring the Party's resolution to life, making the resolution a reality. We will defend the Party's guidelines and fight against the ideas of distorting the truth and dividing the Party from the people.”