Australian public hails Vietnam’s disease prevention

(VOVWORLD) - While the Covid-19 pandemic is raging worldwide, Australian experts said Vietnam’s effective measures are attributed to preparations in many years before, quick response, and cautions. 
Australian public hails Vietnam’s disease prevention  - ảnh 1

Michael Shoebridge,  the Director of Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Defence, Strategy and National Security program, told VOV that he is impressed by what the Vietnamese government and people do to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. He added that in the global list of Covid-19 infection cases and deaths, Vietnam ranks high in containing the pandemic, like Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. He suggested Vietnam's experience can be learned."  

Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s website ran an article saying that as the global pandemic worsens daily and uncertainty envelopes much of the world, Vietnam’s experience demonstrates how, by focusing on early risk assessment, effective communication and government–citizen cooperation, an under-resourced country with a precarious healthcare system can manage the pandemic. The article said that in facing an indefinite unknown, decisive leadership, accurate information and community solidarity empower people to protect themselves and each other.