Austrian media: Vietnam is a model in fighting COVID-19

(VOVWORLD) - Austria’s Standard newspaper on Friday ran an article titled “No deaths of coronavirus and 2 new cases in 11 days – Vietnam becomes a role model in fighting COVID-19”.
Austrian media: Vietnam is a model in fighting COVID-19 - ảnh 1

The article says Vietnam, a developing country with limited resources has successfully contained the epidemic with low-cost measures. Since April 15, only two new cases had been reported in Vietnam and the total number of infection totalled 268. Sharing a border with China, where the COVID-19 disease was first detected, but Vietnam has not recorded any death of COVID-19. The article says the Vietnamese economy, which is based on export and has a population of 95 million people, has prospects to grow thanks to limiting impact of COVID-19. This is what other countries are aiming at.

In conclusion, the article describes Vietnam’s COVID-19 response measures as lessons for other countries to learn as the pandemic has not been completely contained.