Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of violating ceasefire

(VOVworld) – A serviceman in the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, re-enlistee Rustam Ahmadov was killed during an attack on the Armenian side on the contact line of the two countries’ troops on Thursday.

Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of violating ceasefire  - ảnh 1
A funeral of a Baku villager in Terter district, Azerbaijan killed in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the Nagorny-Karabakh area on April 2 (Photo: Xinhua/ VNA)

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said that despite the agreement on the cessation of hostilities along the contact line, Armenian armed forces continue to aggravate the situation. It said Armenian authorities must be responsible for their provocative acts and warned of possible retaliatory acts. Azerbaijan`s Defense Ministry said the situation on the contact line between Azerbaijan and Armenia has remained tense as Armenian Armed Forces shattered the ceasefire a total of 132 times on Wednesday and that the Armenian military had used 60mm mortar launcher and large caliber machine guns to shell Azerbaijani positions.