Bomb blasts cause heavy casualties in Iraq

(VOVworld) – A series of bomb attacks killed at least 34 people and injured dozens of others in the suburban areas of Baghdad, Iraq, on Wednesday. The deadliest of Wednesday's attacks took place in the town of Numaniyah, about 80 kilometers south of the capital Baghdad, where a bomb exploded in a busy commercial area, killing 5 people and injuring 17 others.

Bomb blasts cause heavy casualties in Iraq - ảnh 1

Civilians inspect the site of a car bomb attack in Baghdad's Sadr City neighborhood, Iraq, Wednesday, April 9, 2014. Photo: internet

In the areas of Shaab, Shammaiya, Karrada, and Maamil, a total of 7 people were killed and 30 more injured by car bombs. No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks but Al Qeada related groups are often accused of carrying out suicide and car bombings targeting public areas and Shiite buildings.

The attacks took place as Iraq is preparing for its general elections scheduled for April 30th, the first since the US withdrew its troops in 2011. About 9000 candidates are expected to run for 328 seats in the Congress. But there will be no elections held in Anbar province which is under the control of Sunni’s and is being ravaged by violence between security forces and Al-Qaeda gunmen.

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