COVID-19 world update

(VOVWORLD) - As of Sunday, the world had recorded more than 8.9 million COVID-19 infections, with nearly 470,000 deaths, according to
COVID-19 world update   - ảnh 1Checking body temperature in San Jose, Costa Rica (Photo: AFP/VNA) 

America continues to be the world epicenter. As of Sarurday, the number of infections in Latin America and the Caribbean has exceeded 2 million, of which Brazil accounts for more than half.

Brazil, Latin America's largest country, is second only to the US in the number of infections with 1,067,579 cases. It’s followed by Mexico with 175,202 cases and 20,781 deaths.

Peru has more than 250,000 cases including 7,861 death.

The US recorded more than 2.3 million infections and nearly 122,000 deaths. Notably, Florida had more than 4,000 additional cases on Friday, it’s highest number in a day.

Thousands of new coronavirus infections have been detected in Germany’s North Rhine-Westfalen. 

Iraq's Ministry of Health on Saturday recorded additional 1,870 infections, the highest number in a day since the disease broke out, bringing the total count to 29,222.