Da Nang city’s Golden Bridge goes viral

(VOVWORLD) - The Cau Vang (Golden Bridge) in the central coastal city of Da Nang, supported by a colossal pair of hands, has caught media attention worldwide due to its dazzling design. 
Da Nang city’s Golden Bridge goes viral - ảnh 1

The UK’s The Guardian news outlet, called the footbridge part of “a line of weird and wonderful structures around the world”.

The India Times said that “the highlight of this jaw-dropping structure is that it rests on two giant hands.”

American Fox News said that the bridge “has attracted tourists from all over” and it is  “because of its unique design that features two larger-than-life hands holding up a pedestrian pathway dressed in gold.”

The US-based most visited architectural design and aesthetic website archdaily.com, lauded the structure as a “daring” bridge, while the French design website creapills.com described the bridge as an “absolutely impressive bridge in Vietnam” which offers visitors “an incredible experience: crossing a footbridge that seems literally supported by two giant stone hands.”

Since its opening in June this year, the bridge has attracted a throng of visitors, all eager to see a novel piece of architecture. The walkway, 150 meters long and 1.4km above sea level, is comprised of eight spans, each lined with purple chrysanthemums. It is part of a 2 billion USD development project to bring more tourists to Vietnam.