Discussion on Constitutional Council in revised 1992 Constitution

Discussion on Constitutional Council in revised 1992 Constitution  - ảnh 1
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(VOVworld) – The board for the drafting of the 1992 constitutional revision on Saturday hosted a symposium on Constitutional Council in the revised constitution. High on the agenda were the need to establish the council, theoretical foundations, organizational model, duties and rights, and the relationship of the Constitutional Council. National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said that an institution that protects the constitution is very important for finalizing the draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution. This topic is raised for the first time during Vietnam’s process of constitutional building. Hung said that the establishment of this type of institution based on humankind’s scientific essence and inheritance of Vietnam’s achievements in building state apparatus is aimed at meeting new demands of national development.

The participants analyzed the importance of the Constitutional Council in the Constitution, which is the principal law of each country and the social agreement. They said the Constitution institutionalizes the Party guidelines in building a socialist state governed by law of the people, for the people and by the people.