Ethnic groups celebrate “Going to the field” festival

(VOVworld) – The “Going to the field” festival, held on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month, is a typical spring event in Na Hoi commune, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. It’s a get-together for people from 12 local ethnic groups as well as thousands of Vietnamese and foreign visitors.

Early in the morning, the ethnic people in Na Hoi commune poured to the head quarters of the communal People’s Committee to attend the festival. A high pole (Cay neu) is set up at the center of the ceremonial site in preparation for a rite. Offerings from 15 hamlets are placed under the pole to inform and thank the Earth and Water Genies for the previous year’s production results. The offerings are locally made products such as pig heads, roosters, 7-color sticky rice, and fruits.

Ethnic groups celebrate “Going to the field” festival  - ảnh 1
The offerings to the Genies of Earth and Water

Tran Dac Ha, Vice Chairman of Na Hoi commune’s People’s Committee, said: "The Going to the field festival of the Tay people reflects the cultural identities of other ethnic minority groups. The festival helps the ethnic people, especially youngsters, learn more about their cultural characteristics. We pray for favorable weather, productive crops, and a healthy people."

Ethnic groups celebrate “Going to the field” festival  - ảnh 2
Tay girls perform Xoe dance

The rite is followed by the festival which consists of folk dances. Vang Thi Thuy, a Tay ethnic, said: "The Tay people dance Xoe before going to work. We sing “we dance Xoe to make the rice fields and trees yield plenty of fruits”. All hamlets organize Xoa dances to create a joyful spring atmosphere, to overcome tiredness, and to wipe out the hardship of the old year". 

Ethnic groups celebrate “Going to the field” festival  - ảnh 3
Ethnic people perform at the festival

The Going to the field festival in Na Hoi aims to preserve ethnic traditions, boost production, and implement the new rural development program.