EU tightens scrutiny over ChatGPT

(VOVWORLD) - France's data regulator said Wednesday it has received two complaints about the AI program ChatGPT, as European authorities deepened their scrutiny on the chatbot days after Italy banned it.  
EU tightens scrutiny over ChatGPT - ảnh 1ChatGPT by OpenAI (photo: AFP/VNA)

Zoe Vilain of Janus International, a campaign group, filed the first complaint, which said that when she tried to sign up for a ChatGPT account she was not asked for consent to any general terms of use or privacy policy.

The other complaint came from David Libeau, a developer who wrote in his submission he had found personal information about himself when he asked ChatGPT about his profile. When he asked for more information, the algorithm started to make up stories about him, creating websites, or organising online events that were totally false, he wrote.

CNIL has not yet announced a full investigation. ChatGPT has created a "technology craze", after it was launched last November. But the outstanding capabilities of ChatGPT have stirred controversy in the public. Teachers are concerned that students could use this app to cheat in exams, and policymakers fear it could spread false information.
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