EU, UK fail in third post-Brexit negotiation

(VOVWORLD) - Negotiations between the UK and the EU on their post-Brexit future relationship have become deadlocked, negotiators admitted on Friday. 
EU, UK fail in third post-Brexit negotiation  - ảnh 1 David Frost, left, and Michel Barnier at a meeting in March, 2020. (Photo: AP)

EU negotiator Michel Barnier described the discussions as "disappointing", adding that EU and the UK reached no progress in core issues, thus the two sides could finish negotiations this year without any deal. Mr. Barnier accused Britain of seeking to continue to reap the benefits of the EU market while escaping its rules.  

David Frost, Britain’s chief Brexit negotiator, admitted that the two sides made very little progress towards agreement on the most significant outstanding issues between them, for example on fisheries and on the role of the bloc’s courts. 

The EU and the UK will enter their next round of talk ahead of a decisive summit next month. The UK will decide whether it would prolong the current transition period beyond the end of the year or not. 

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