Europe experiences unusually high temperatures in early April

(VOVWORLD) -Some European countries haved experienced spring days with unusually high temperatures, raising concerns about the increasingly adverse impacts of climate change.

Europe experiences unusually high temperatures in early April  - ảnh 1A boy refreshes himself with the water from the Barcaccia Fountain in the Piazza di Spagna in Rome, Italy, during the 2023 summer heat wave. (Photo: Xinhua)

In France, last Saturday became the hottest day before April 15 in French recorded history with temperatures reaching over 33 degrees Celsius in the southwestern cities of Pau, Tarbes, and Lagor.

In Paris, the temperature reached 24 degrees Celsius, 10 degrees Celsius higher than the average temperature for early April in previous years.

The average temperature across France last weekend was 17.6 degrees Celsius, higher than the previous highest temperature of 17 degrees recorded in early April of 2015.

According to Météo-France, the French national meteorological service, this is the 26th consecutive month that France has recorded an average temperature higher than the previous record.

The average temperatures are forecast to decrease at the beginning of this week and will then rise over the weekend, creating a health risk from heat stroke.

Meteo France expert Frederic Long said that unpredictable temperature changes will become more common and more worrysome.

“We’ll have days when the maximum temperature will likely be up to 10 degrees higher than the normal temperature for the season,” said Frederic Long, adding, “If this happens in the summer, there will be a huge heat wave. This will be very worrying because warming is likely to continue for at least the next few decades.”

Austria was also recording hot days in April. On Sunday, April 7, the town of Bruck an der Mur in Styria Province became the first locality in Austria to have temperatures reaching above 30 degrees Celsius this year. This was also the earliest hot day during the same period ever recorded in this country.

In some localities in Greece, Spain, and Italy, the temperature has approached summer temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius.

Spain experienced the warmest first quarter in its history, with some areas recording temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees Celsius in January.