FBI foils IS-inspired plot to attack US Capitol

(VOVworld) – The FBI has arrested a man in Ohio for allegedly planning to attack the US Capitol in Washington in an Islamic State-inspired attack.

FBI foils IS-inspired plot to attack US Capitol - ảnh 1

Christopher Cornell reportedly said he wanted to “wage jihad.”

Christopher Cornell, 20, is charged with attempting to kill a US government officer, according to court documents. He was arrested after purchasing two M-15 semi-automatic rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition in Ohio Wednesday. Cornell has been tracked by a FBI undercover agent since August, 2014.
Cornell opened a Twitter account which came to the attention of the FBI after he tweeted support for extremist groups like the Islamic State. He allegedly said that he considered the members of Congress enemies and that he had plans to travel to Washington and conduct reconnaissance of the security of government buildings. Prosecutors say he has researched pipe bombs on the internet and planed to travel to Washington.

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