Foreign newspapers acknowledge Vietnam's efforts to save a British Covid-19 patient

(VOVWORLD) - Foreign media reported that Vietnam is doing its best to save a British pilot with Covid-19 as 260 of the country’s 320 COVID-19 patients have already recovered and been discharged from hospital with no fatalities. 

The British man is currently the most critically ill coronavirus patient in Vietnam. 90% of his lungs are no longer functioning, forcing his doctors in HCM to consider a lung transplant.

A Reuters article said: “Vietnam has mounted an all-out effort to save the life of the British pilot”. The 43-year-old British is being treated by the Vietnamese government for free, it said.

National Public Radio (NPR) of the US, praising Vietnam's efforts to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, mentioned that several Vietnamese people have volunteered to donate a lung to the British patient.