“Forrest Gump” author dies at 77

(VOVWORLD) -Winston Groom, who wrote the famous novel "Forrest Gump" adapted into a movie, died on Wednesday, in Alabama, the US, at the age of 77.  

“Forrest Gump” author dies at 77 - ảnh 1Forrest Gump novel is adapted into a film starring Tom Hanks.

(Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Groom created eight novels, but the most famous is ''Forrest Gump'' about a naive young man with a low IQ but has a very cute and kind personality.

He has incorporated in the novel many typical characteristics of the US in the second half of the 20th century such as the Hippy wave, racism, and especially the Vietnam War. The novel was published and much sought after in Vietnam.

“Forrest Gump” was adapted into a movie in 1994 and became a classic which won six Oscars and marked an important milestone in actor Tom Hanks's career.