French President convenes emergency meeting on New Caledonia situation

(VOVWORLD) -French President Emmanuel Macron convened a meeting of the Defense and Security Council on Monday to discuss the recent riots in New Caledonia, France’s overseas territory in the Pacific. 
French President convenes emergency meeting on New Caledonia situation - ảnh 1French President Emmanuel Macron (Photo: AFP/VNA)

This has been the Council’s third meeting in less than a week on New Caledonia. The previous two discussions determined there was a state of emergency and deployed additional forces to restore order in this territory.

Last Friday, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal met with the leaders of parties in parliament to discuss the possibility of extending the state of emergency after the current 12‑day period expires. The extension needs the approval of both houses.

New Caledonia has been witnessing its worst violent protests in decades. Protesters burned vehicles, schools, businesses, and public buildings, and took control of the main road leading to La Tontouta International Airport, forcing it to close. France has sent 1,000 additional security forces to the islands.

Protests and violence in New Caledonia have arisen from France’s plan to apply new election regulations in this territory, which gives French citizens who have resided in the island for 10 years, the right to vote in provincial elections.