General election in Spain takes place

(VOVworld) – On Sunday, around 34 million Spanish voters cast their ballots to elect the new parliament and Prime Minister.

General election in Spain takes place - ảnh 1
A polling station in Spain (Photo: Reuters)

Spain faces its most uncertain national election in 40 years with newcomer parties poised for big gains against the traditionally dominant conservatives and socialists, complicating efforts to form a stable government. The general election took place as Spain is facing numerous difficulties such as corruption, austerity measures and high unemployment rate. Catalonia region’s push for independence from Spain is also a problem facing Spanish new government. Opinion polls show the governing conservative People's Party (PP) of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will win Sunday's vote but fall well short of an absolute majority. The leftist Party Podemos which  goes against austerity measures came second, followed by Ciudadanos party.