German, Vietnamese artists perform reconnecting music with live concerts

(VOVWORLD) -The Goethe Institute is organizing a series of live concerts in Hanoi and Frankfurt as a “ReConnect” initiative amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The institute's director, Wilfried Eckstein, said the "ReConnect" project is expected to create opportunities for online transnational meetings between artists in the context of the pandemic.

The first concert, titled "ReConnect – Concert: Frankfurt in Hanoi, Hanoi in Frankfurt" took place at the Goethe Institute on Monday.

German, Vietnamese artists perform reconnecting music with live concerts - ảnh 1An artist from the Inspirito School of Music in Hanoi. The school joins the Goethe Institute in its new musical project. Photo courtesy of Inspirito School of Music.

German artists participating in the project have expressed a wish that even though the pandemic remains a complex issue, the cooperation, creativity and dialogue between artists from the two countries will be maintained, a Goethe Institute press release said.

Apart from "ReConnect," a series of contemporary music shows will be held to introduce works that have not been performed often in Vietnam during the 20th century, with the participation of artists from the Inspirito School of Music.

On April 19, Hanoi audiences will have the opportunity to listen to songs from famous composers John Cage, John Adams, Leo Ornstein, and Henry Cowell. Other concerts will be held on May 24, June 18, and July 14. Information about these concerts can be found on the Goethe Institute's website.