Germany weighs more security

(VOVworld) – Germany will allow more video surveillance in public places, under a draft law passed by the cabinet on Wednesday, amid growing security fears in Germany after a Monday truck attack killed 12 people and injured 50 others. 
Germany weighs more security - ảnh 1
Breitsheidplats Christmas market closed for security assurance (Source: THX/VNA) 

The bill was agreed to in principle by Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition last month. It calls for more video surveillance of streets, shopping centers, sports venues, and car parks. Federal police officers will be equipped with body cams to increase security for them after a rise in violence against them in recent months. 

In another development, a Tunisian named Anis Amri is now suspected to have been involved in the truck attack at the Breitsheidplats Christmas market on Monday night. A Tunisian security officer said that the anti-terrorism unit has interrogated Amri’s family. Amri has been arrested in Tunisia several times for drug use.